Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to Monster Chiller Horror Theater

The weather is horrible, the bridge or road is out, your car can't be repaired till tomorrow, why not stay the night, I insist. Famous last words in many genre films. I guess this should be a blog about films with that dialog. Instead, you will find my comments and coverage of the more rare horror films. The name is indeed an homage to all of the local Saturday night horror hosted shows we grew up watching. There is no denying the URL address of the blog being an homage to Count Floyd's SCTV segment. This blog is not dedicated to fan worship of Monster Chiller Horror Theater from SCTV. This blog is not meant to infringe on any copyright or trademark. I will use images and links from others sites, and in most cases give credit, otherwise I assume most pictures are public domain if found on the Internet. I use this images and links to tell my story and in most cases give praise to the work. Don't write me and say I ripped you off or stole from your site. Feel honored if I do. So, stay the night, if your dare and let's tell stories about the films that thrill us.

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