Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cannibal Girls 1973

Starring both Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin from SCTV, this low budget Canadian film from Ivan Reitman, is a great place to start reviewing on this blog.
A young hippie couple (Levy and Martin) arrive in a quite rural town called Farnhamville. After checking into a local motel, the two meet Mrs. Wainwright, owner and story teller of urban legends. Wainwright tells them about a local bed and breakfast that has a grisly legend concerning three girls who were cannibal killers. Interested, the couple goes to the house and meets the Reverend Alex St. John, leader of a cult with three girls (duh) who serve them a very unusual dinner.
As you might have guessed these girls are in fact the cannibals and Alex St. John and his followers are looking for new members. How far does this conspiracy go? I am sure by now, you already know that answer. This town enjoys it's meat.
Armed with the gimmick of of a warning bell to protect viewers from the bloody scenes, this spoof of grindhouse drive-in movies is pretty atmospheric and enjoyable. Unlike many horror film spoofs in years to come, this movie does not insult the viewer with references to movies through lame comedy routines. Please note the young couple was offered to stay the night.

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